Fruit Schedule

These are approximate dates each season depending on weather (and the general mood of the fruit). For exact deliveries to the stores, see our Twitter updates on the right.


2nd week
Chelan Cherries


1st week
Van Cherries
Bing Cherries
Rainier Cherries

2nd week
Rival Apricot
Lapin Cherries

3rd week
Spring Diamond Nectarines


1st week
Rich Lady Peaches
Santa Rosa Plums

2nd week
Diamond Princess Peaches

3rd week
Fire Pearl White Nectarines

4th week
Zee Lady  Peaches
Elephant Heart Plums


1st  week
John Henry Peaches

2nd week
Reliant Seedless Table Grapes

3rd week
Marechal Foch Wine Grapes

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