orchard tour

September 11, 2009

Our two favorite coops have banded together to arrange a tour of three farms/orchard in the Gorge.  Ours is the first stop in the morning so I hope the sun is out -it’s a good time of day to walk through the trees. And vines.

farm tour poster september 2009_m


One comment

  1. Hey Columbia Blossom! Votes are in and you were rated the Favorite Farm of the Tour!!!

    “Columbia Blossom had luscious fruit…”
    “…My favorite part was walking around the orchards at Columbia Blossom and listening to the farmer’s explanations, while tasting their fruit.”
    “…My favorite part was eating the fruit at Columbia Blossom!”
    “Very welcoming and gracious host”

    And about the tour in general-
    “This was an awesome trip. My husband was half-hearted about going initially, but once we got to the farms, he had a blast and said that he would absolutely love to do it again next year. He now understands why I am so passionate about organics and sustainable farming! Thanks so much!”

    Thanks, guys!
    Food Front Produce

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